Straight Truck Ladder

Straight Truck Ladder

This Straight Truck ladder is made for any drivers and users of Straight Trucks. We have made a ladder that allows any user to safely get in and out of the back of a Straight truck, while safaely storing it away. This trailer is meant to be stored on the door for quick easy access, and full ability of your truck including not getting in the way of forklift or dock operations. Using the 3 point safety contact you can get in and out of any Straight Truck box safely, without putting your drivers at risk.


The Straight Truck Ladder is made of 6061 Aluminum, and all fastening devices are made of 1018 steal. Secured together with grade 8 hardware, half-inch shoulder bolts and Nylon Locking Nuts. 

  • Under 40 pounds
  • 62" tall

  • 15" Wide

  • 2" High aluminum diamond plate at the top of ladder

  • Attaches to Box Truck trailers of various makes