Flatbed Ladder

Flatbed Ladder

Use this ladder on any of your Class 8 Flatbed trailers. This trailer is made to fit and move anywhere on the entire length of your trailer, meant to position anywhere to access various sized loads. The Class 8 Flatbed trailer is made of 6061 Aluminum, and all fastening devices are made of 1018 steal. Secured together with grade 8 hardware, half-inch shoulder bolts and Nylon Locking Nuts. The Flatbed Ladder allows you to safely go from the direct contact point on the ground to the top of your flatbed. Using 3 point's of contact ensures the user's safety while using the ladder. 

  • Under 40 pounds
  • 62" tall

  • 15" Wide

  • 24" Between Handles

  • Customizable options for each fleet of ladders

    Any orders over 50 ladders come with the ability to customize to your fleets exact needs. This customizational features allows you to use our base model of ladder, and add any extra functionalities to the ladder if needed. This may include, but not limited to widening the ladder handles, adding a carrying handle, additional reflective tape, or adding a larger platform.